Structure of Gold bromide


Structure of Gold bromide

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The dimer, digold hexabromide, has structural properties similar to those of the other gold trihalide dimeric complounds, such as gold chloride. The gold centers exhibit square planar coordination with bond angles of roughly 90 degrees.
Calculations indicate that in the hypothetical monomeric forms of the gold trihalides, the Jahn-Teller effect causes differences to arise in the structures of the gold halide complexes. For instance, gold bromide contains one long and two short gold-bromine bonds whereas gold chloride and gold fluoride consist of two long and one short gold-halogen bonds. Moreover, gold tribromide does not exhibit the same coordination around the central gold atom as gold trichloride or gold trifluoride. In the latter complexes, the coordination exhibits a T-conformation, but in gold tribromide the coordination exists as more of a dynamic balance between a Y-conformation and a T-conformation. This coordination difference can be attributed to the Jahn-Teller effect but more so to the decrease in π-back bonding of the gold atoms with the [url=][/url] ligands compared to the π-back bonding found with fluorine and chlorine ligands. It is also this decrease in π-back bonding which explains why gold tribromide is less stable than its trifluoride and trichloride counterparts.

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