List of Goverment Universities in Malaysia


List of Goverment Universities in Malaysia

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Public universities (***'s Universities) produce graduates who can acquire and apply their knowledge for the benefit of the Malaysian society.

No every interested student could gain an entry into these institutions because the places for first degree programmes are limited.

The Ministry of Higher Education thus placed hope on private higher educational institutions to complement and supplement the mission.

More students in Malaysia can obtain degree level education now because of private higher educational institutions (PHEIs). Many of these institutions offer twinning degree programmes or full 3+0 and 4+0 degree programmes in collaboration with overseas universities from countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Thus, Malaysian and foreign students have a wide choice of higher education institutions and programmes.

Foreign university branch campuses have played a significant role in meeting the demand by Malaysian for Bachelor's degree programmes.


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